Francisco A. Curiel
Real Estate Broker  
Notary Public
General Contractor
26  years of outstanding
About Us
About Curiel Realty Co.

Curiel Realty has serving the San Fernando Valley for
over 26 years. Curiel Realty started and was driven by
making Real Estate Services simple, with no tricks,
no gimmicks and no caches. Just  good old fashioned
service. Curiel Realty is an Equal Housing Opportunity
Francisco A. Curiel began his Real Estate career In February of 1988
as a Real Estate Agent working in mostly the San Fernando Valley.

After 5 successful years as an agent he became a licensed Real
Estate Broker in April 27, 1993 a week later he founded Curiel Realty
with the idea of making Real Estate a trusted, simple and accessible
step  for anyone take.

He's been specializing in residential Real Estate in the San
Fernando Valley.

What sets Frank and Curiel Realty apart from others is: Trust,
simplicity, and accessibility.
No gimmicks, no tricks, and no
"Proven Real Estate Experience"